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Podcast: Dystonia Causes and Care

Your Elected Officials, Your Voice: Coming Together to Speed a Cure

Did you know the federal government and state governments play an important role in helping find a cure for Parkinson’s, and in caring for those living with the disease? The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) has a team in Washington, D.C. and grassroots advocates in all 50 states who work with state and federal elected officials on work that complements and supports the Foundation’s mission to end Parkinson’s. In this podcast episode, listen as Michael J. Fox Foundation policy experts and advocates discuss their lobbying work to help fund research and improve care for the Parkinson’s community. You’ll also learn about the importance of telling your story and building relationships with Congress and other elected officials who represent you in the halls of power across the United States.

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In this episode, host and MJFF Policy Communications Consultant Carol Blymire leads a discussion with:


  • Ted Thompson, JD, MJFF Senior Vice President of Public Policy
  • Dustin Watson, MJFF Director of Federal Government Relations and Public Policy
  • Julia Worcester, JD, MJFF Director of State Government Relations and Public Policy
  • Myra Hirschhorn, Parkinson’s advocate from New Jersey
  • George Manahan, Parkinson’s advocate from West Virginia
  • Leslie Peters, Parkinson’s advocate from Colorado
  • Israel Robledo, Parkinson’s advocate and MJFF Patient Council member from Texas

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Public policy is a critical piece to solving the Parkinson’s puzzle. By helping policymakers understand what matters to people with Parkinson’s and sharing your story, you play a critical role in shaping legislation that affects the entire community and gets us closer to a cure.

Share your voice with Congress and your state elected officials — become an advocate today.

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