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Michael J. Fox Foundation Announces “Team Fox Challenge”: A Program to Inspire Increased Participation in Community Fundraising for Parkinson’s Research

NEW YORK, NY– The Michael J. Fox Foundation has announced the Team Fox Challenge, a program to inspire increased participation in  Team Fox, MJFF’s national grassroots community fundraising program.   The challenge has been made possible by a $1-million anonymous gift from the family of a member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

The Team Fox Challenge is designed to encourage an additional $1 million for critically needed Parkinson’s research from new supporters by the end of 2009. The goal is to raise greater public awareness of the program and enroll new Team Fox members, as well as increase contributions raised from current Team Fox participants.  Beginning October 1, 2008, all donations generated by Team Fox members new to the program this year will be counted toward the $1-million challenge goal.  For 2008 returning members of Team Fox, any funds raised in 2008 above and beyond their 2007 total will count toward the challenge.  

“I am inspired on a daily basis by all that Team Fox members have accomplished in only two and a half years,” said Michael J. Fox.  “The Foundation’s goal is to put itself out of business, and this incredible group of individuals is on the front lines of our efforts to make PD a thing of the past. I can’t thank them enough.”

Launched by the Foundation in January 2006, Team Fox now has over 400 members all over the United States and a burgeoning international presence. Team Fox heroes turn their unique talents, interests and passions into events ranging from walks, marathons, golf outings and bicycle rides to pancake breakfasts and movie screenings. Cumulatively, these events are on track to raise an incredible $5 million for Parkinson’s research by the end of 2008.  Many members, though not all, have a direct connection to PD through family or friends.  All share a passion to speed transformative treatments, and ultimately a cure, to the nearly five million people living with Parkinson’s worldwide.   A number of celebrities have recently committed their support to Team Fox -- Actor Ryan Reynolds, whose father has PD, and LPGA golfer Jane Park among them. 

“When Michael started the Foundation, we had no concept of how powerful a grassroots movement could be in our funding toward a cure,” said Nelle Fortenberry, MJFF founding Board Member.  “People approached us from day one with the desire to get involved.  Team Fox was an organic outcome of everyone’s sincere desire to help and the continued expansion of this network is an important area of focus for us.  My fellow Board members and I are deeply grateful for our colleague’s generous gift and all that it will allow us to accomplish in the year ahead.”

“Our dedicated Team Fox volunteers are rethinking the impact they can have on a cure for Parkinson’s disease in their own communities," added MJFF CEO Katie Hood. 

To join Team Fox or find updates on the activities of all Team Fox members, visit

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