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Achim Schneeberger, MD

Chief Medical Officer at AFFiRiS AG

Location: Vienna Austria

Achim Schneeberger, MD, has acquired extensive experience in biomedical research, clinical dermatology and immunotherapy of cancer and chronic diseases. He studied medicine at the Universities of Tübingen, Germany and Bordeaux II, France. Dr. Schneeberger carried out his postdoctoral research at the Medical University Vienna, Austria, Department of Dermatology. There, he also received his training in dermatology. At the time, he was not only doing basic science but also instrumental in translating this research on melanoma vaccines to the clinic. He received several prizes including the thesis award of the Medical University Tübingen and the Egner Dermatooncology Prize of the German Dermatological Research Society.

In 2005, Dr. Schneeberger joined the Laboratory of Prof. Yokoyama at Washington University, Saint Louis, Missouri, to study the interactions between NK cells and cancer. Upon returning to Europe, he joined AFFiRiS to serve as chief medical officer.

Associated Grants

  • Phase IB Follow-up Study to Assess a Second Boost Immunization With AFFITOPE® PD01A in Those Who Participated in the AFF008 Program


  • Phase IB Follow-up Study to Assess Boost Immunization with AFFITOPE® PD01A


  • First-in-human Trial to Assess the Safety and Tolerability of PD01, the First Alpha-synuclein-based AFFITOPE® Parkinson's Vaccine


  • AFFITOPE based immunotherapeutic strategies for Parkinson´s disease


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