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Funded Studies

Alan D. Snow, PhD

Chairman, President and Chief Scientific Officer at ProteoTech Inc.

Alan D. Snow, PhD is Chairman, President and Chief Scientific Officer of ProteoTech Inc., a privately held Company that he founded in 1996, when he was a Research Associate Professor of Pathology at the University of Washington in Seattle. Dr. Snow obtained his B.S. degree in Biology/Chemistry from Bowling Green State University (Ohio) in 1980, a M.Sc. degree in Anatomy from University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario, Canada) in 1983, and a PhD in Pathology from Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada) in 1986. From 1986-1989 he was a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Thomas Wight in the Department of Pathology at University of Washington. From 1989 to 1998 Dr. Snow worked through the ranks of the Department of Pathology at University of Washington, becoming a Research Associate Professor in 1995. In 1996, he founded ProteoTech Inc. and in 1999 left the University of Washington to work full time as President and CSO of ProteoTech. Dr. Snow is a world-renowned authority in proteoglycan and amyloid technology drug discovery research and development. At Queen's University, Dr. Snow worked in the laboratory of Dr. Robert Kisilevsky, one of the founders of Neurochem Inc. It was Dr. Snow's thesis work that led to new discoveries concerning the pathogenic role that proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans play in amyloid diseases. At the University of Washington, Dr. Snow was the first to identify and demonstrate specific proteoglycans in amyloid deposits in Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Snow also co-authored a number of papers with Nobel laureate Dr. Stanley Prusiner and was the first to identify specific proteoglycans in the brain amyloid deposits in a variety of prion diseases. Dr. Snow has published over 50 peer reviewed publications, presented at over 110 scientific meetings worldwide, and is an inventor on over 85 patents worldwide, including 14 issued US patents. Dr. Snow awards include the Dean's List award at Bowling Green State University, a R.S. McLaughlin Fellowship at Queen's University, Edward S. Reynolds Award and Mead Johnson Overall Excellence of Research Award, and fellowship awards from a number of different sponsors for his work in Alzheimer's and amyloid disease research. Dr. Snow serves as a reviewer for a number of different study sections and committees/organizations pertaining to Alzheimer's/amyloid diseases and neurodegeneration. Dr. Snow has led research teams at both the University of Washington and ProteoTech that have made significant discoveries and inventions pertaining to disease-modifying therapeutics for amyloid diseases including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, type 2 diabetes and systemic amyloidosis, as well as inventions pertaining to novel platform screening technologies, and new diagnostics.

Associated Grants

  • 18F-labeled Alpha-Synuclein Ligands for PET Imaging of Lewy Bodies


  • New Small Molecule Inhibiting Agents of Alpha-Synuclein & Lewy Body Formation as Disease-Modifying Treatments for Parkinson's Disease


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