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Funded Studies

Alan Hodgkinson, PhD

Senior Lecturer at King’s College London

Location: London United Kingdom

Dr. Alan Hodgkinson graduated with a BSc (Hons) in natural sciences from the University of Bath, UK, before undertaking a PhD on genome analysis and human mutation at the University of Sussex, UK. Since starting his lab in the department of medical and molecular genetics at King's College London in 2015, he has focused on post-transcriptional processes in human mitochondria in both healthy and diseased individuals. This work has centered around developing computational methods to more accurately quantify mitochondrial RNA processes on a population scale and to apply population genomic techniques to better understand the underlying genetic and molecular mechanisms that modulate these events, as well as the downstream functional consequences of perturbations in these processes in the context of preclinical and disease phenotypes. Most recently, these efforts have focused on neurodegeneration, where dysfunctional mitochondria-nuclear interactions are thought to be key in the underlying etiology of disease.

Associated Grants

  • Leveraging Gene Expression Data to Redefine Parkinson’s Disease and the Pathways Driving Disease in Different Individuals


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