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Alice Nieuwboer, PhD

Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Science, Head of Neurorehabilitation Research Group at University of Leuven (KU Leuven)

Location: Leuven Belgium

Alice Nieuwboer, PhD, heads the Neurorehabilitation Research Group at KU Leuven. She has made original contributions to gait and motor learning research in Parkinson's disease. Her work highlighted the overlap between upper and lower limb freezing-related deficits. And she was a principal investigator on the RESCUE trial, a landmark EU-funded study, showing the benefits of cueing for freezing. Her lab is now involved in several other training studies for freezing-related behaviour, such as split-belt treadmill training and integrating cognition and motor function (i.e., dual tasking). In conjunction, Dr. Nieuwboer's team is using brain imaging and non-invasive stimulation to gain insight into the central question underlying all her work: whether consolidated motor learning is possible in Parkinson's and how this imprints on the brain at the neurological systems level. In 2014, she won the King Baudouin Prize for research contribution.

Associated Grants

  • DeFOG: Digital wearable walking aid for freezing of gait


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