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Funded Studies

Alistair James Stewart, PhD

Vice President, Commercial Research

Location: Vancouver, United States

Dr. Stewart‘s career focuses on moving projects from the earliest stages of research toward the clinic. Having trained in biochemistry at the University of Glasgow, he completed his doctoral research in mechanisms of cancer cell proliferation at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Subsequently, he has led research projects in France, England and Canada in both academic and industrial positions.

Since entering industrial research over 13 years ago, Dr. Stewart has worked extensively in the development of novel therapeutics across several therapeutic areas. At Allon Therapeutics, he is responsible for the integration of new projects into the company’s portfolio and the implementation of research and development plans. Previously, Dr. Stewart has held successful positions at a number of companies where his activities were focused on lead optimization and early development at Xenova Ltd. (UK), QLT Inc. (Canada) and Engene Inc (Canada).

Associated Grants

  • Testing of davunetide for intranasal administration in pre-clinical models over expressing alpha-synuclein


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