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Funded Studies

Annemie Ribeens, PhD

Vice President Clinical Trials at Icometrix

Location: Leuven Belgium

Dr. Ribbens is Vice President Clinical Trials at icometrix. She completed her Masters degree in applied mathematics at the University of Leuven in 2007 and her PhD in electrical engineering in 2012 for research on population analysis of brain magnetic resonance images in dementia in the Medical Image Computing group of Leuven. She continued working there as postdoctoral fellow, focusing on translating fundamental algorithms for neuroimage quantification for use in clinical practice. Dr. Ribbens has experience in population analysis of brain MR images in dementia, and she currently leads a team of engineers, biomedical scientists and clinicians to further develop and use automated tools for MRI quantification in the evaluation of drug efficacy in clinical trials and real-world studies.

Associated Grants

  • Development of Standardized Measurements for Monitoring the Progression of Parkinson’s Disease via MRI


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