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Funded Studies

Arnon Rosenthal, PhD

Chief Executive Officer at ShanaRX Pharmaceuticals

Location: Redwood City, CA United States

Arnon Rosenthal received his PhD from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, in1985 and conducted a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. David V. Goeddel at Genentech, Inc. Dr. Rosenthal was appointed to a scientist position at Genentech in 1988 and was promoted to senior scientist in 1992 and then staff scientist in 1996.

Dr. Rosenthal's work is centered on the mechanism controlling the survival and development of neurons in normal and diseased states, with a focus on dopaminergic neurons. In 2001 Dr. Rosenthal founded and become the president, chief scientific officer and board member of Rinat Neuroscience, a privately held company that discovered and developed novel medicines for Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, pain and multiple sclerosis. The company was acquired by Pfizer with th drugs in clinical development and is now a center for bio-therapeutic and bio-innovation for Pfizer inc.

Dr. Rosenthal has co-authored 97 scientific publications, many of them in top tier journals, as well as 50 issued patents and applications.

Associated Grants

  • Multiphosphatase Inhibitors as PD Therapeutics


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