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Funded Studies

Caleb Webber, PhD

Professor of Bioinformatics at University of Cardiff

Location: Cardiff United Kingdom

Following contributions to most of the major mammalian genome analyses of the last decade and then leading the neurological disease genomics programme at Oxford University, Dr. Webber moved to join the UK Dementia Research Institute at Cardiff University in 2018.

The genetic contribution to most dementias may be best understood through the contribution of multiple genes to multiple disease-relevant processes. Thus, Dr. Webber does not study pathology at the level of individual genes but instead through bespoke networks and models of gene functional relationships that allow multiple pathways and processes to intersect. His gene network approaches are well-suited to the identification of potential therapeutics. By juxtaposing implicated genes within focused networks, core perturbed pathways identify key and common stages for therapeutic targeting.

Dr. Webber leads informatics and genomics in multiple consortia, including the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre, the IMI IM2PACT consortium, the ARUK Oxford Drug Discovery Institute.

Associated Grants

  • Ordering the Earliest Neuronal Response Events to Native Alpha-synuclein Exposure


  • Using Mathematical Tools to Explain the Variability in Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms and Progression


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