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Caroline Tanner, MD, PhD

Professor at University of California, San Francisco

Location: San Francisco, CA United States

Caroline M Tanner, MD, PhD, completed a residency in neurology and a fellowship in clinical neuropharmacology and movement disorders at Rush University and a doctorate in environmental health sciences at the University of California-Berkeley. Her clinical practice specializes in movement disorders, particularly Parkinson’s disease (PD), atypical parkinsonism and dystonia. Her research interests include investigations of descriptive epidemiology, environmental and genetic determinants, biomarkers, early detection, non-motor disease features and interventions for the secondary prevention, and disease modification and symptomatic treatment of movement disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Her current research includes epidemiologic investigations of PD, multiple system atrophy, dystonia, Huntington’s disease, motor neuron disease, essential tremor and REM sleep behavior disorder in many populations, including the NAS/NRC World War II Veterans Twins Registry, the Agricultural Health Study, the Honolulu Asian Aging Study, the Alaska Native Medical Center, the legally-mandated California PD registry pilot project, the international LRRK2 PD-GEM study, the Chinese National Consortium on Neurodegenerative Diseases, the Shanghai Parkinson’s Study, the Shanghai Textile Workers Study, and the Bay Area Solvents Study.

Dr. Tanner is past co-chair of the Parkinson Study Group (PSG), and has conducted numerous clinical trials with the PSG, Neuroprotection Exploratory Trials in Parkinson’s Disease, and the Chinese Parkinson Study Group in China. Other research interests include work to facilitate collaborative research, including the NINDS Common Data Elements and the MDS Epidemiology Task Force, and work to identify PD-associated biomarkers in the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative and the Longitudinal Assessment and Biomarkers Study of PD studies.

Dr. Tanner chairs the Epidemiology Task Force of the Movement Disorders Society, serves on the Executive Steering Committee of the NINDS PD Common Data Elements Committee, the Executive Council on the Sections and Subspecialties of the AmericanAcademy of Neurology and chairs several clinical trial data monitoring committees. She serves on the Scientific Advisory Boards of The Michael J. Fox Foundation and the National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association. Her honors include the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation Outstanding Woman Researcher (2004), the University of California-Berkeley Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Achievement (2008), and the American Academy of Neurology Movement Disorders Research Award (2012).

Associated Grants

  • Bipolar Disorder and Parkinson’s Disease


  • Feasibility of Screening for Parkinson's Genetic Risk Factors in People of Asian Ancestry


  • Environmental Determinants of Expressivity and Penetrance in LRRK2 Parkinsonism


  • Bay Area Solvent Study - Symptoms (BASS-S)


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