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Caroline Tanner, MD, PhD

Professor at University of California, San Francisco

Location: San Francisco, CA United States

Dr. Caroline Tanner has a clinical practice that specializes in movement disorders. Her research interests include the descriptive epidemiology, environmental and genetic determinants, biomarkers, early detection, nonmotor disease features and clinical trials for the secondary prevention, disease modification and symptomatic treatment of movement disorders. Her current research projects include conducting participant reported-outcomes, harnessing technology to increase participation in clinical research and access to care, the early identification of persons at risk of PD and the design and performance of trials to prevent PD. She leads the Fox Insight online study, and is a co-principal investigator of the Parkinson’s Progression Markers Initiative study, the Trial of Parkinson’s and Zolendronate (TOPAZ) study, the MICRO-PD study and studies of military service-related exposures and PD risk in Camp Lejeune and the Millennium Cohort. Dr. Tanner has been fortunate to mentor talented scientists from many countries, who themselves are now leading researchers and educators worldwide.

Associated Grants

  • Studying the Epidemiology of Parkinson’s Disease in Latin America: Learning from Underrepresented Populations


  • Bipolar Disorder and Parkinson’s Disease


  • Feasibility of Screening for Parkinson's Genetic Risk Factors in People of Asian Ancestry


  • Environmental Determinants of Expressivity and Penetrance in LRRK2 Parkinsonism


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