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Carrie K. Jones, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Director of Behavioral Pharmacology for the Vanderbilt Program in Drug Discovery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Location: Nashville, TN United States

Dr. Jones is currently the Director of Behavioral Pharmacology for the Vanderbilt Program in Drug Discovery and Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at Vanderbilt. Dr. Jones received her PhD degree from the Program of Medical Neurobiology at the Indiana University School of Medicine in 2001, focusing on the role of the muscarinic agonists in pre-clinical models of antipsychotic-like activity and enhancement of cognition. These findings contributed to the ongoing drug discovery efforts at Lilly Research Laboratories to develop muscarinic agonists, particularly the muscarinic agonist Xanomenline, for the treatment of the psychotic and cognitive impairments in schizophrenia. During her graduate training, Dr. Jones also worked full-time as an in vivo pharmacologist on several discovery teams focused on the development of novel therapeutics for the treatments of psychiatric and neurologic disorders in the Neuroscience Division at Lilly Research Laboratories.  Dr. Jones joined the Vanderbilt Program in Drug Discovery in 2005 where she has developed a full pre-clinical neurobehavioral laboratory to support the program’s ongoing translational behavioral pharmacology efforts. Dr. Jones’ current research interests are focused on the development of in vivo pre-clinical models and the discovery and development of novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment and prevention of Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia.

Associated Grants

  • Role of mGluR4 in the Modulation of Levodopa-induced Motor Performance and Dyskinesia


  • Discovery of mGluR4 Potentiators for Symptoms & Side Effects and Disease-Modifying Treatment of PD


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