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Funded Studies

Christopher Irwin Moore, PhD

Associate Professor at Brown University Institute for Brain Sciences

Location: Providence, RI United States

Christopher Irwin Moore, PhD, studies the mechanisms underlying forebrain neural dynamics, their computational value and how their alteration contributes to disease. His research focus is on testing the mechanisms and meaning of neural dynamics in awake behaving preparations using a combination of causal control, electrophysiological and imaging methods. The current proposal benefits from his laboratory’s expertise in using in vivo optogenetic control for the study of neural dynamics and new methods for sustained and extensive chronic electrophysiological recording in deep brain structures. Dr. Moore received his undergraduate degree from Oberlin College with high honors, his doctorate from MIT, and he conducted a combined postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School and UCSF. He is an associate professor at Brown University.

Associated Grants

  • BL-OG: A Novel, Minimally-Invasive and Homeostatic Method for Selective Regulation of Neural Dynamics in the Subthalamic Nucleus


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