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Funded Studies

Christopher Peter Phenix, PhD

Assistant Professor of Chemistry at University of Saskatchewan

Location: Saskatoon SK Canada

Christopher Phenix obtained a PhD in enzymology and a PDF in radiochemistry and PET imaging at the Tri-University Meson Facility in Vancouver. During his fellowship, he developed activity-based inhibitors for labeling Cerezyme (recombinant GBA used to treat Gaucher disease), allowing monitoring of enzyme-replacement therapy by PET imaging. In 2009, he was recruited to the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute where he helped fund and develop new radiochemistry and preclinical imaging facilities. Despite the substantial commitment to facility development, he established a research program focused on designing radiotracers and fluorescent probes to image protease and glycosidase activity, including creating new chemical tools to study GBA in Parkinson’s disease. In January 2016, he joined the University of Saskatchewan. In addition to helping facilitate the development of state-of-the-art radiochemistry and imaging facilities there, Dr. Phenix is now focused on advancing several new promising radiotracers and probes currently in preclinical studies.  

Associated Grants

  • Development of Irreversible PET Radiotracers for Glucocerebrosidase


  • The Development of Novel Probes for Imaging Glucocerebrosidase Activity in Parkinson’s Disease


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