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Funded Studies

Colum MacKinnon, PhD

Assistant Professor at Northwestern University

Location: Chicago, IL United States

Dr. Colum D. MacKinnon obtained a Masters degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo, specializing in studies of the biomechanics and motor control of human gait, and a PhD in Physiology from the University of Toronto. His postdoctoral training was conducted in motor neurophysiology and movement disorders at the Human Movement and Balance Unit, University College London. He currently holds the positions of Assistant Professor and Associate Chair of Research in the Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences at Northwestern University and is the intraoperative neurophysiologist for the deep brain stimulation neurosurgery program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

His research is focused on understanding the neurophysiology of movement impairment in Parkinson’s disease and dystonia. The laboratory is currently conducting NIH funded studies examining the cortical and subcortical mechanisms contributing to impaired repetitive movements in Parkinson’s disease and the mechanisms of action of subthalamic deep brain stimulation.

Associated Grants

  • Relationship between REM Behavior Disorder and Freezing of Gait in Parkinson's Disease


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