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Funded Studies

Dale Robert Mitchell, PhD

Project Director at BioFocus

Location: Saffron Walden United Kingdom

Dale Robert Mitchell, PhD, has extensive experience of research and development acquired over 25 years within the drug discovery and agrochemical industry. His role at BioFocus is to lead multi-disciplinary teams on client projects with responsibility for defining the program direction, delivering chemical series into lead optimization, identifying and optimizing lead compounds and selecting pre-clinical candidates. Dr. Mitchell has led several CNS programs and worked on a broad range of biological targets including kinases, ion channels, antivirals and antibacterials. Prior to joining BioFocus, he worked in the areas of fungicide and insecticide research and contributed to a number of projects that progressed into development. Dr. Mitchell is a named inventor and co-author of over 20 patents and peer reviewed publications.

Associated Grants

  • Consortium to Develop an Alpha-synuclein Imaging Agent


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