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Douglas D. Gunzler, PhD

Associate Professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Location: Cleveland, OH United States

Dr. Gunzler is a tenured associate professor of medicine and population and quantitative health sciences in the Population Health Research Institute at the Center for Health Care Research and Policy, MetroHealth at Case Western Reserve University. He is a biostatistician and has extensive experience using structural equation modeling (SEM) and finite mixture modeling techniques to explore disease trajectories, including changes in physical functioning and depressive symptoms. Dr. Gunzler’s research spans longitudinal analysis, emphasizing mediation analysis, survival modeling, age-period-cohort analyses and their application to both clinical trials and observational studies. Dr. Gunzler has expertise with R software, MPlus and SAS for data analysis and analytics, and he is the lead author of the first textbook covering the full range of SEM and finite mixture modeling within the context of health and medicine titled “Structural Equation Modeling for Health and Medicine.”

Associated Grants

  • Characterizing Impairment Trajectories in People with Parkinson’s Disease


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