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Eduardo Tolosa Sarró, MD, PhD

Emeritus Professor at University of Barcelona, CIBERNED

Location: Barcelona Spain

Eduardo Tolosa obtained his MD degree from the University of Barcelona and received his neurological training at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. He is a founding member and past President of the Movement Disorder Society and founder and Director of the University of Barcelona Brain Bank. He is the recipient of the American Academy of Neurology 2014 Movement Disorders Research Award. Dr. Tolosa was involved in pioneering studies defining the mechanisms underlying levodopa-related motor fluctuations and the use of DAT SPECT in the diagnosis of Parkinson disease; his research team was among the first in Europe to evaluate the efficacy of novel therapeutic strategies for Parkinson’s disease, such as subthalamic nucleus stimulation and infusions of dopamine-producing drugs.

His research is currently focused on the earliest phases of Parkinson's disease, in both idiopathic and genetic forms, and the study of alpha-synuclein biomarkers in these preclinical stages.

Associated Grants

  • Measurement of Mitochondrial DNA in Early Stages of Parkinson’s Disease


  • Alpha-synuclein and Other Biomarkers in Biological Samples of LRRK2 Parkinson’s Disease


  • Symptoms and Side Effects of LRRK2 Mutation Carriers and Assessment of Factors Influencing LRRK2-related PD Expression


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