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Eliahu Heldman, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer at Lauren Sciences, LLC

Dr. Eliahu Heldman is CSO of Lauren Sciences LLC, and professor emeritus at Ben-Gurion University, with over 40 years experience in neuroscience research. Dr. Heldman, and Drs. Sarina Grinberg and Charles Linder, are credited with the V-SmartTM invention, patents, publications and grants from US-Israel Binational Science Foundation and Israel Science Foundation. Dr. Heldman oversees further development of V-SmartTM. Dr. Heldman’s experience includes work at NIH, evaluation of CNS-active drugs at Israel Institute for Biological Research, director of cell biology at V.I. Technologies, New York and a founder in 2003 of NeuroDerm Ltd., Israel that received two grants from MJFF for a Parkinson's treatment now in clinical trials. Dr. Heldman was a co-inventor of Cevimeline (EvoxacTM), a muscarinic agonist, FDA-approved for treatment of Sjogren's syndrome. Professor Heldman published over 130 scientific articles, is co-inventor on more than 10 patents and was editor of two books on neuroactive drugs.


Associated Grants

  • Delivery of GDNF to the Brain by Novel Nanovesicles for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease (Supplement)


  • Delivery of GDNF to the Brain by Novel Nanovesicles for the Treatment of PD


  • Alleviating late motor complications of Parkinson's disease by a continuous dopaminergic treatment with transdermal delivery of L-DOPA Pro-drug


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