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Funded Studies

Emma Sierecki, PhD

Group Leader at European Molecular Biology Laboratory Australia

Senior Lecturer at University of New South Wales

Location: Sydney Australia

Emma Sierecki is a molecular biologist with expertise in biochemistry and cell signaling. Initially trained as an organic chemist (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris and PhD in school of pharmacy, Paris), she decided to explore drug discovery and assay development during her postdoc. Under the supervision of Prof. Alexandra Newton at University of California San Diego, she designed screening assays and found first-in-class inhibitors of PHLPP phosphatase, with important medical applications. She moved to Australia to develop a protein-protein interaction platform, based on cell-free protein expression and a nanobead proximity assay. She is now codirecting the group with Dr Gambin at the Node for Single Molecule Science, EMBL Australia & UNSW.

Together, Emma Sierecki and Yann Gambin invented the AttoBright, a plug-and-play device (Nature Comm 2019); they are currently further improving the AttoBright for better performances and distribution in other laboratories and developing protocols for enhanced detection of Syn aggregates.

Associated Grants

  • Single-molecule Detection of Oligomeric Synuclein in Body Fluids


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