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Funded Studies

Erin Smith

Thiel Fellow and Future Stanford University Student

Location: San Francisco, CA United States

Since she was a young child, Erin Smith has carried around a notebook to jot down thoughts and observations about the world around her. As she aged, she learned to channel this curiosity into research and quickly fell in love with scientific inquiry. Erin’s research during high school spanned from creating a clean oil sand extraction method to investigating the molecular mechanisms of neuronal pruning to determining visual attention mechanisms. Most recently, Erin has developed FacePrint, an automated screening and monitoring tool for Parkinson’s disease using early-stage facial expression indicators. Erin is dedicated to early detection and prevention of neurological and psychological disorders and redesigning health care. Erin’s research has been awarded at an international level, and she was recently recognized by 2019 Forbes 30 under 30. Erin is a Thiel Fellow and upon completion of her fellowship, she will begin her studies at Stanford University, where she will be studying neuroscience and computer science.

Associated Grants

  • Tool to Identify Parkinson’s Disease Using Digital Facial Expression Biomarkers


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