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Esther Berrocoso, BSc, PhD

Professor at University of Cadiz-Spain

Location: Cadiz Spain

Dr. Esther Berrocoso received a BSc in pharmacy from the University of Seville-Spain and a PhD in pharmacology from the University of Cadiz-Spain. During this period, she carried out research at the University of the Basque Country-Spain, University Pierre et Marie Curie of Paris-France and the pharmaceutical company Grünenthal GmbH-Germany. After defending her doctoral thesis, she moved to the University of Cambridge-UK. A Marie Curie Reintegration Grant helped her secure a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Cadiz-Spain, where she subsequently accepted a position as associate professor and then full professor in 2020. She is currently an independent researcher with three main research interests: studying the role of the locus coeruleus brain region in pain and its comorbidity with affective disorders, exploring the mechanism of action of deep brain stimulation for the treatment of resistant affective disorders and examining neuroinflammatory mechanisms in schizophrenia.

Associated Grants

  • Pathophysiology of Neural Circuits Underlying Pain in Prodromal to Advanced Parkinson’s Disease


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