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Fábio Klamt, PhD

Principal Investigator and Professor at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Location: Porto Alegre (RS) Brazil

Fábio Klamt, PhD, is a professor of biochemistry at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and principal investigator of the Laboratory of Cellular Biochemistry, where he has supervised more than 11 doctoral and 22 master’s students. He has extensive expertise in elucidating protein function in disease, using post-mortem samples for to analyze proteins, redox biology and biochemistry, performing biochemical analysis of mitochondrial function, bioinformatics, and establishing preclinical human cell models for neuroscience. Dr. Klamt spent two years as postdoctoral fellow at the Division of Therapeutic Proteins (U.S. FDA). With more than 5000 citations, he has published 110 original papers in leading scientific journals (such as Nature Cell BiologyMolecular Psychiatry and the New England Journal of Medicine, and has an h-index of 38. He has been a reviewer of several international journals and has presented over 60 invited lectures and posters at national and international meetings.

Associated Grants

  • Characterization of Parkinson’s Disease Clinical Subtypes Using Multiple Immunologic and Genetic Markers


  • Using Data from the LEAPS Project to Improve the Accuracy of Assays that Measure Alpha-synuclein


  • Cofilin-1 as a Major Contributor to Oxidative Stress-mediated Cell Death in Parkinson’s Disease


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