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Funded Studies

Fay B. Horak, PhD, PT

Professor of Neurology; and Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Behavioral Neuroscience and Physiology/Pharmacology at Oregon Health and Science University and Portland VA Medical Center

Location: Portland, OR United States

Fay B Horak PhD, PT, is professor of neurology at the Oregon Health and Science University and the Portland VA Medical Center. Dr. Horak studies the neurophysiological basis of balance and gait disorders and their rehabilitation. She is well known her work on the role of the basal ganglia, cerebellum and sensory systems in balance disorders and relates quantitative measures of mobility to functional brain imaging. Dr. Horak’s clinical impact has been on developing comprehensive balance screening tools and translating these tools into objective measures using body-worn sensors for clinical trials and clinical practice.

Dr. Horak has over 200 scientific publications and is on the National Advisory Panel for the National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research of NIH. Dr. Horak received a prestigious Merit Award from NIH for over 35 years of continuous NIH funding and several national Physical Therapy Association Research Awards for translating her research into improved neurological rehabilitation.

Associated Grants

  • Effects on Gait and Balance of Augmenting Cholinergic Function


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