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Funded Studies

G. Angus McQuibban, PhD

Associate Professor

Location: Toronto ON Canada

Dr. McQuibban did his PhD at the University of British Columbia, where he discovered a novel class of substrates for an important cancer related protease family.  After that, he went to the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, U.K for a post-doctoral fellowship. It was there that he began his journey understanding the role of Rhomboid proteases in human health and disease.  In 2005, he began an assistant professor position at the University of Toronto, continuing his work on Rhomboid proteases and mitochondrial dynamics.  Now an associate professor, he has made important contributions to the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in human disease.  Notably, he has identified a Parkinson disease-linked mutation in the mitochondrial Rhomboid protease that may explain some aspects of the disease.  His continuing work may reveal both diagnostic and therapeutic applications towards combating Parkinson’s disease.

Associated Grants

  • Novel Protease Pathway in Parkinson’s Disease


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