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Hatim A. Zariwala, PhD

Senior Director, Head of CNS Research at Stealth Biotherapeutics

Location: Needham, ME United States

Hatim Zariwala, PhD, is currently the senior director, head of CNS research at Stealth BioTherapeutics. Dr. Zariwala received his doctorate in neuroscience from SUNY in Stony Brook, NY, after which he completed fellowships at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and the University of Washington. From 2013 to 2019, Dr. Zariwala was a senior scientist in neuroscience pharmacology at Merck, where he was a mentor for an MRL postdoctoral fellow studying the spread of tau from neuron to neuron in rodent models of tauopathy. He was also a pharmacology lead on disease modification and symptomatic treatment programs for neurodegeneration. Dr. Zariwala joined Voyager Therapeutics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as an associate director, group leader, and leader of discovery programs. His current research focus includes biomarker discovery for the investigational molecule SBT-272, and lead programs targeting mitochondrial dysfunction for the treatment of people with Parkinson’s disease.

Associated Grants

  • Targeting a Phospholipid Unique to Mitochondrial Membranes as a Therapeutic for Parkinson’s Disease


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