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Hugo Vanderstichele, PhD

Chief Integration Officer at ADx Neurosciences

Location: Ghent Belgium

Hugo Vanderstichele, PhD, has coordinated (inter)national projects aimed at identification of novel factors involved in fertilization and embryogenesis. From 1995, he started working in the field of neurodegeneration where he was involved in biomarker and technology selection, assay development and validation, pre-analytical standardization, as well as market integration of single or multiplex biomarker assays for use in diagnosis or clinical trials. In 2011, he became a co-founder of ADx NeuroSciences (Belgium), which has the mission to provide first-in-class technology platforms for the In Vitro Diagnosis market to support patient management in the field of neurodegeneration and a founder of Biomarkable, a biomarker integration consultancy company. He is an active member of international consortia aimed at assay standardization and qualification of protein biomarker. He is an author on several patent application and a large number of publications.

Associated Grants

  • Development of Experimental Setups Using New Antibodies to Detect Alpha-synuclein in Cerebrospinal Fluid


  • Standard Operating Procedures for Alpha-synuclein Analysis in Biological Fluids Using a Colorimetric Immunoassay (SYN-SOP)


  • Development and Validation of Biomarker Assays for Improved Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease: The Second Generation of Synuclein Assays


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