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Funded Studies

Igor J. Koralnik, MD

Professor, Neurology Department at Northwestern University Medical Center

Location: Chicago, IL United States

Dr. Koralnik is Professor of Neurology and Chief of the Section of Neuroinfectious Diseases in the Department of Neurology at Northwestern University Medical Center in Chicago. He is an internationally recognized expert in Neurovirology and Neuroimmunology, and the president of the International Society for Neuro-Virology. Over the past 20 years, his laboratory has focused on understanding how viruses affect the central nervous system. He has shown that virus variants with specific mutations can infect different cell types in the brain. He has discovered, named and characterized three novel diseases of the brain caused by infection of neurons and meningeal cells with virus variants. His laboratory has devised a novel assay for unbiased detection of the entire Virome (561 viral species) in clinical samples, named “ViroFind."

Associated Grants

  • Pathogenesis of the Virome in Parkinson’s Disease


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