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Irwin Hollander, PhD

Vice President, Research and Development at Lauren Sciences, LLC

Location: New York, NY United States

Dr. Irwin Hollander is vice president, research and development of Lauren Sciences LLC. Dr. Hollander oversees research and drug development, as well as pre-clinical and clinical studies, on V-SmartTM technology. Dr. Hollander has over 25 years experience in drug discovery programs on targeted drug delivery with protein-drug conjugates and signal transduction inhibitors, most recently at Wyeth. Dr. Hollander is an inventor with numerous patents on immunoconjugates resulting in the drug Mylotarg, used in the treatment of leukemia and the first antibody-drug conjugate approved for clinical use by FDA. Dr. Hollander also worked on irreversible inhibitors of Her family kinases, resulting in drugs EKB and HKI (neratinib), which are in clinical testing. Most recently, he worked in a PI3K inhibitor program from conception to approved INDs; the drug is now in clinical testing. Dr. Hollander is an author on over 30 papers in refereed journals and on eight patents.

Associated Grants

  • Delivery of GDNF to the Brain by Novel Nanovesicles for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease (Supplement)


  • Delivery of GDNF to the Brain by Novel Nanovesicles for the Treatment of PD


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