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Funded Studies

James B. Koprich, MA, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer at Atuka, Inc.

Location: Toronto ON Canada

James B. Koprich, MA, PhD, is chief scientific officer at Atuka Inc.; a scientific associate at Toronto Western Hospital, University Health Network; and visiting professor of neurology at Huashan Hospital, Fudan University. His research in Parkinson’s disease has largely focused on development and characterization of disease models and on pre-clinical evaluation of novel therapeutics for disease modification and reduction of dyskinesia. Dr. Koprich has conducted a number of studies contributing to the understanding of disease pathogenesis.

Associated Grants

  • Studies to Assess the Potential of Gold “Nanocrystals” for the Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease


  • Determining the Level of LRRK2 Inhibition Required for Therapeutic Efficacy


  • The Effects of a LRRK2 Inhibitor on Alpha-synuclein-induced Dopamine Deficits in a Pre-clinical Model of Parkinson's Disease


  • Characterization, Optimization and Validation of a Preformed Fibril Pre-clinical Model of Parkinson's Disease


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