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Funded Studies

Jide Tian, MD, MPH

Professor at The Regents of the University of California (UCLA)

Location: Los Angeles, CA United States

Jide Tian, MD, MPH’s early research centered on the development of engineered bacterial vaccine for prevention of infectious diseases and then focused on T cell immunoregulation of autoimmune diseases. His findings have resulted in therapeutic reagents being tested in clinical trials. Collaborating with Drs. Kaufman and Melega at UCLA, Dr. Tian recently discovered that induction of regulatory T cell responses mitigated toxicant-mediated neuronal damage in the integrity of dopamine system in mouse model of Parkinson’s disease. He is also currently exploring alternation of microbiota in the gut to induce regulatory T cell responses and to mitigate a toxicant-mediated damage in the integrity of dopamine system in mice. Findings may aid in the design of new therapies for the intervention of Parkinson’s disease.

Associated Grants

  • Feeding with Clostridium Leptum for Restoring the Integrity of the Striatal Dopaminergic System in a Pre-clinical Model of Parkinson’s Disease


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