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Jochen Weishaupt, Priv.-Doz. Dr. med

Consultant/Attending Physician (Oberarzt), research group leader at Department of Neurology, University Medicine Göttingen, University of Göttingen

Location: Göttingen Germany

Dr. Weishaupt studied at the Heidelberg Medical School from 1992-1998, earning his MD (summa cum laude) investigating glutamate receptor neurobiology in the laboratories of Peter H. Seeburg (ZMBH) and Bert Sakmann. Jochen Weishaupt joined the laboratory of Mathias Baehr in Tuebingen, and graduated from Tuebingen Medical School in 1999. He spent part of his practical year in the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the Beth Israel Medical Centre, Albert Einstein College, New York. Since 1999, Jochen Weishaupt has participated in a combined clinical and research training program and established his own research team in the Department of Neurology. He specialized in neurology in 2007, and finished his Habilitation (permission to teach at the University of Göttingen, faculty member) in 2008. He has also been Consultant/Attending Physician since 2009. Jochen Weishaupt’s scientific interests are neuronal cell death and the development of neuroprotective strategies for neurodegenerative diseases.

Associated Grants

  • Pharmacodynamics and Neuroprotective Effects of Pegylated G-CSF


  • Granulocyte-colony Stimulating Factor (G-CSF) as a Neuroprotective Therapy for Parkinson's Disease


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