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Funded Studies

John Gerard Geisler, PhD

CSO at Mitochon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Location: Blue Pell, PA United States

John G. Geisler, PhD, is the founder and chief scientific officer at Mitochon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Dr. Geisler has expertise in drug discovery in metabolic disease (Pfizer, Ionis, JnJ), with a primary role of bringing forward the inception of new ideas. Following many years of research, Dr. Geisler built an expertise in mitochondrial (powerhouse of the cell) energy expenditure; from this work also stemmed a broader understanding of new mitochondrial-targeted applications and pharmacological interventions for movement disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Geisler holds a PhD in mammalian genetics from the University of Tennessee, which he conducted at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, and completed a fellowship at Yale University in physiology. Dr. Geisler launched Mitochon Pharmaceuticals in November 2014 with co-founder, Robert Alonso; the company is now clinically staged.

Associated Grants

  • A Proof-of-Concept Study of Mitochondrial Drugs in Pre-Clinical Models of Parkinson’s Disease


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