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Funded Studies

Jurgen Klaus Beck, MD

Senior Project Manager at Monitoring Force GmbH

Location: Munster Germany

Dr. Beck holds an MD as well as a university diploma in economics. After a clinical career in neurology and psychiatry, he joined the pharmaceutical industry, where he was active in the clinical development of new drugs with a strong focus on Parkinson’s disease. In 1999, he joined Monitoring Force, an international company providing clinical development services to the industry where he was in charge of global development projects in Parkinson’s disease, in particular of the first development of a drug against levodopa-induced dyskinesias which completed clinical development. In 2001, he started to work on the development of Flibanserin in levodopa-induced dyskinesias.

Associated Grants

  • Flibanserin in Levodopa-induced Dyskinesia: MPTP-lesioned Pre-clinical Model


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