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Funded Studies

Kendall Van Keuren-Jensen, PhD

Associate Investigator at The Translational Genomics Research Institute

Location: Phoenix, AZ United States

Dr. Van Keuren-Jensen became an associate investigator at TGen in June of 2008. She did her PhD thesis at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York where she studied the role of activity-regulated genes in synaptic transmission and neuronal morphology with Dr. Hollis Cline. She also has a Master of Science degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Kansas. She received her BA from Boston University. Her current research has focused on understanding how pathogenesis alters cell signaling pathways, leading to death and disease of neurons by 1) validation of gene targets identified in genome-wide association studies of neurodegenerative diseases, 2) examining deregulated miRNAs associated with neurodegenerative disease 3) large scale miRNA and RNA expression profiling using microarrays and next generation sequencing.

Associated Grants

  • miRNA Markers of Cognition


  • MicroRNAs as biomarkers for Parkinson's disease; a comparison of CSF and blood


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