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Funded Studies

Luigi Bubacco, PhD

Professor at Department of Biology, University of Padova

Location: Padova Italy

Dr. Bubacco, deputy chairman of the Department of Biology at the University of Padova. In 1989, he received a Bachelor's degree in biology from the University of Padova, and in 1995, he received a Master's degree and doctorate in biophysics from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He then moved, as postdoc, to the University of Leiden to work on a structural biology of metalloproteins. Since 1998 he has been in Padova first as researcher and then as professor of molecular physiology. Currently the main focus of his laboratory is the investigation of the molecular mechanism of neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease.

Associated Grants

  • Examining the Action of Potassium Channels and the Inflammasome in a Signaling Axis That Can Serve as a Pharmacological Target Against Parkinson’s Disease


  • Biochemical characterization of full length human recombinant LRRK1 and LRRK2


  • Biochemical Characterization of Full Length Human Recombinant LRRK1 and LRRK2


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