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Lynn Rochester, PhD

Professor of Human Movement Science and Honorary Consultant Physiotherapist at Newcastle University

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom

Lynn Rochester is a professor of human movement science at Newcastle University, UK and a senior investigator at the National Institute of Health Research (2020-2024). Her main research interests are in gait and mobility loss in neurodegenerative disease and aging. Her work focuses on motor and non-motor mechanisms of gait and falls, surrogate markers of neurodegenerative disease and disease progression (particularly cognitive decline and falls risk), development and evaluation of novel interventions and technological applications in healthcare using digital technology. She established and leads the Brain and Movement Research Group, which comprises a diverse multidisciplinary team of clinical scientists, psychologists, data scientists and clinical engineers. She is the coordinator for the Mobilise-D consortium ( funded through the EU IMIJ2 to develop and validate digital mobility biomarkers.

Associated Grants

  • Mobility Matters: A Mobilise-D Extension Study


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