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Funded Studies

Magdalene M. Moran, PhD

President and Chief Scientific Officer at Caraway Therapeutics, Inc.

Location: Cambridge, MA United States

Dr. Magdalene Moran is the president and chief scientific officer leading research and development at Caraway Therapeutics. She received her PhD in 2002 from the Laboratory of Dr. David Clapham in the Program in Neuroscience at Harvard University, where she studied transcriptional regulation, the means by which a cell regulates the conversion of DNA to RNA, thereby regulation gene activity. She also cloned several novel ion channels.

For more than 15 years, Dr. Moran has led drug discovery efforts on ion channels, which are proteins that act as a pore in a cell membrane and permit the selective passage of ions (such as potassium ions, sodium ions and calcium ions), through which electrical current pass in and out of the cell. This work elucidated the role of an ion channel called TRPA1 in cold hypersensitivity and helped define the function of TRPC4/5, containing ion channels in anxiety and depression. Three programs she led are currently in clinical trials.

Dr. Moran is the inventor on more than 50 published patent applications and issued patents directed at ion channel modulators.

Associated Grants

  • Developing TMEM175 Activators as Therapeutics for Parkinson's Disease


  • Assessing TRPML1 Agonists in GBA Parkinson’s Disease


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