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Funded Studies

Mark Cragg, PhD

Professor of Experimental Cancer Research at University of Southampton

Location: Southampton United Kingdom

Mark Cragg is professor of experimental cancer biology in the Cancer Sciences Unit of Southampton University, Faculty of Medicine. He obtained his PhD in 1998 and did his postdoctoral studies in Southampton and Melbourne before starting his own group in 2007. His research concerns how therapeutics result in deletion of tumour cells, how resistance occurs and how it might be overcome. In particular, he is currently interested in how monoclonal antibodies interact with Fc gamma receptors to achieve their therapeutic activities. He is a recognized authority in the areas of immunotherapy and apoptosis regulation, particularly through anti-CD20 and small molecule inhibitors. He currently serves as a member of six editorial boards including the American Society of Hematology (Blood) and is on the advisory board of four charities/institutes.      

Associated Grants

  • The Role of FcgRIIb in Alpha-synuclein Toxicity and Spread


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