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Markus Mandler, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer at Accanis Biotech GmbH

Location: Vienna Austria

Dr. Markus Mandler did his PhD Thesis at Boehringer Ingelheim´s Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna and received his PhD from the University of Vienna in 2003. As a molecular biologist by training he has extensive experience in academic research and biotechnology industry and his work has led to numerous publications in high-impact journals as well as to the authorship of several patents and patent applications.

At AFFiRiS AG, where Dr. Mandler headed the neurodegeneration department, he was responsible for the pre-clinical development and evaluation of immunotherapies for the treatment of neurogenerative diseases. He became chief scientific officer of Accanis Biotech in 2015. His main focus is currently set on the development of new vaccination strategies to treat Alzheimer´s disease and Parkinson´s disease, the two most common forms of neurodegenerative disorders in humans.

Associated Grants

  • First-in-human Trial to Assess the Safety and Tolerability of PD01, the First Alpha-synuclein-based AFFITOPE® Parkinson's Vaccine


  • AFFITOPE based immunotherapeutic strategies for Parkinson´s disease


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