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Funded Studies

Marlene A. Jacobson, PhD

Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research at Temple University School of Pharmacy

Location: Philadelphia, PA United States

Dr. Marlene Jacobson is an associate professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Temple University School of Pharmacy and associate director of the Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research at Temple University School of Pharmacy. She received her PhD in chemistry from the University of Delaware and completed postdoctoral work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with a secondary appointment as a visiting fellow in the Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Jacobson then joined Merck Research Labs and pursued drug discovery and pre-clinical development in neuroscience therapeutic areas, including schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and sleep disorders. Dr. Jacobson is recognized for her contributions to the discovery and development of allosteric modulators of G protein-coupled receptors, including muscarinic and metabotropic glutamate receptors. In 2012, Dr Jacobson moved to the Temple University School of Pharmacy where she developed a platform of phenotypic high-throughput screening assays in patient-derived cells as the foundation for drug discovery. Dr. Jacobson's current research interests include identification of treatments for neuronopathic lysosomal storage disorders and application of novel screening assay methodologies for small molecule drug discovery.

Associated Grants

  • Investigation of Small Molecules to Rescue Lysosomal and GBA Deficiencies in GBA PD


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