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Funded Studies

Marta Statucka, PhD

Neuropsychologist at University of Toronto/Krembil Research Institute/University Health Network

Location: Toronto ON Canada

Marta Statucka is a clinical neuropsychologist at the Krembil Brain Institute, part of Toronto Western Hospital University Health Network. As a clinician, she primarily conducts neuropsychological assessments of individuals with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and other movement disorders. These assessments can be completed before and after neurosurgical intervention as part of the deep brain stimulation (DBS) program and to assist with differential diagnosis and treatment planning. As a researcher, she has examined the social aspects of cognition, functioning and well-being in individuals with schizophrenia spectrum disorders and is currently expanding this line of research to people with PD. She also has a burgeoning interest in how cultural factors influence neuropsychological assessment.

Associated Grants

  • Multiculturalism, Reported Cognitive Complaints and Predictors of Cognitive Decline Following Deep Brain Stimulation


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