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Funded Studies

Melvyn Roerdink, PhD

Assistant Professor at Department of Human Movement Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam Netherlands

Melvyn Roerdink, PhD, is assistant professor in the Department of Human Movement Sciences of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His research focuses on technology in motion for measuring, improving and stimulating human movement in the context of rehabilitation, sports and public health. His mission is to merge cutting-edge human movement science with emerging motion technologies and academic entrepreneurship to generate solutions. Dr. Roerdink has published 50 peer-reviewed international papers. He has three inventions resulting in commercial products, including the patented rehabilitation treadmill C-Mill. In 2018, he joined the management team of Demonstrator Lab, a facility for students and researchers to transform scientific and technological ideas into tangible products. He earned his doctorate in 2009 on anchoring, a concept related to cueing, from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Associated Grants

  • Project Holocue: Smart Wearable Assistive Cueing Device for Reducing Freezing of Gait


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