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Funded Studies

Michael Edward Moore, MA

Independent Consultant to Zaah Technologies

Location: Farmingdale, NY United States

Michael Moore is a seasoned industry professional with a technology and management background that spans 30 years. His experience includes wide ranges of roles, technologies, industries, markets and organizational profiles. Mr. Moore’s industry experience covers a broad spectrum of sectors and challenges including telecommunications, technology R & D, defense, engineering, financial, ERP, manufacturing/supply chain, energy, social networks, media, entertainment and advertising.

Mr. Moore has dealt with many technical, managerial and operational challenges   including large scale, high performance transactional systems, both consumer facing and Enterprise, Signal Processing (audio, video and still images), NLP (both text and speech), Artificial Intelligence and large-scale analytic and data-mining systems. He is accomplished in modern architectures ranging from small scale embedded, real time systems to large scale n-tiered systems to highly parallel grid/cloud systems.

Highly entrepreneurial and start-up oriented, Mr. Moore has held several high level position in new ventures: He was the VP of engineering at EntertainmentMediaWorks, a new media/social media firm specializing in innovative media platforms to link consumers, media producers, and brands in Social Media He was the CTO of ThinkChain, a large scale Supply Chain Saas servicing the energy/Utilities sector and was a principle architect for SixDergees, the first web based social Network. He has worked at Bell Telephone Laboratories, The Courant Institute of Mathematics at NYU, the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, UC Berkeley and UCSD.

Mr. Moore holds a masters degree from the University of California at Berkeley and has a BM from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He was a visiting student scholar at Stanford University. Academic honors include a Herzt Fellowship from UC Berkeley and a Regents Fellowship from UCSD.

Associated Grants

  • Technology for Clinicogenetic Studies of LRRK2 G2019S in Tunisia


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