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Nicholas William Wood, MbChB, PhD, FRCP, FMedSci

Professor of Genetics, and Professor of Neurogenetics and Clinical Neurology, Institute of Neurology at UCL Institute of Neurology

Location: London United Kingdom

Nicholas Wood, MbChB, PhD, FRCP, FMedSci, is a Professor of Clinical Neurology and Director of the Translational Neuroscience Program for UCL Hospitals. He is a clinician-scientist whose main research focus has been the dissection of the etiology and pathogenic mechanisms of PD. He has worked on identifying genes and risk factors for Parkinson’s disease (PD) for over 25 years and has initiated and implemented studies to dissect how these genes map into pathways. He established and led the EU genetics of PD consortium before co-founding the International PD Genetics Consortium, a highly productive collaborative endeavor that has made a very significant contribution in dissecting the genetic architecture of PD through GWA studies in PD. His group identified mutations in PINK1 and LRRK2 as major Mendelian genes for PD. He is also the national lead for Parkinson’s and dystonia for the UK 100K Whole Genome Project.

Associated Grants

  • Mapping the PD Brain: Oligomer-driven Functional Genomics


  • Single Molecule Detection of Oligomers in Cerebrospinal Fluid


  • New Tools for Direct Visualization of Individual Oligomers in Human Biofluids


  • Combining Mass Spectrometry with Genetic and Pharmacological Approaches to Discover and Validate LRRK2 Substrates


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