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Funded Studies

Oliver Rawashdeh, PhD

Senior Lecturer and Group Leader at The University of Queensland

Location: Brisbane QLD Australia

Dr. Rawashdeh studied biology at the Yarmouk University from 1998 to 2002 and received his doctorate on the circadian modulation of memory processes from the University of Houston in 2007. After postdoctoral research at Northwestern University and the State University of New York, he joined the Goethe University as a lecturer in neuroanatomy and chronobiology — the study of biological rhythms. Since 2015, he heads the Chronobiology and Sleep Research Group at the University of Queensland. His research focuses on the regulation of circadian clocks and the importance of circadian stability on health, particularly on the neuronal activity that governs cognition and sleep. More recently, he and his team turned their attention to translating their fundamental research findings into tools for correcting the debilitating sleep disturbances and circadian dysfunction of Parkinson’s disease. He serves as a review editor for Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience and an executive of the Australasian Chronobiology Society.

Associated Grants

  • Targeting the Body’s Circadian Clock to Improve Sleep Quality in Parkinson’s Disease


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