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Funded Studies

Omar S. Mabrouk, PhD

Research Investigator at University of Michigan

Location: Ann Arbor, MI United States

Omar S. Mabrouk, PhD, is an extensively trained neuropharmacologist with experience both in academia and the pharmaceutical industry. He has over a decade of research experience investigating the neurobiological basis of diseases like Parkinson’s disease. He has a deep understanding of basal ganglia circuitry and a strong commitment to the development of novel therapeutics for Parkinson’s disease and levodopa-induced dyskinesia. Dr. Mabrouk develops innovative techniques to sample and analyze brain chemistry with microdialysis and mass spectrometry. He applies these tools to provide a better understanding of these diseases and potential therapeutics.

Dr. Mabrouk has more than 25 peer-reviewed publications to date, including a book chapter outlining the use of advanced microdialysis and mass spectrometry to measure neuropeptide concentrations in vivo. For his efforts, Dr. Mabrouk was promoted to research investigator, a research faculty position at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Mabrouk is also recipient of a 2013 Dyskinesia Challenge grant award from The Michael J. Fox Foundation to assess the effects of oxytocin on levodopa-induced dyskinesia. Finally, Dr. Mabrouk is co-investigator on a R01 grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to look at the effects of blood-brain barrier function in Parkinson’s disease.

Associated Grants

  • Analysis of Brain and Peripheral Small Molecule Levels in Parkinson’s Disease


  • Oxytocin Effects on Levodopa-induced Dyskinesias


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