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Oskar Hansson, MD, PhD

Professor of Neurology at Lund University

Consultant Neurologist at Skåne University Hospital

Location: Lund Sweden

Oskar Hansson, PhD, is an international leader in dementia research. He is a neurology professor at Lund University and serves as a consulting neurologist at Skåne University Hospital. During the last 20 years, Dr. Hansson has conducted clinical and translational research focusing on the earliest phases of Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s diseases. His research has led to over 250 original research articles,in journals such as JAMA, Nature Medicine, Lancet Neurology, Nature Communications, JAMA Neurology, JAMA Psychiatry, and Brain. He has built a creative and multi-disciplinary research team and leads the Swedish BioFINDER Study. His research combines the study of well characterized patient cohorts with state-of-the-art biomedical and biophysical techniques, most notably in brain imaging.

Dr. Hansson earned his doctorate in neurobiology, a medical degree, and additional training as a neurology specialist at Lund University.

Associated Grants

  • Optimization of Morphomer-Based Alpha-synuclein PET Tracers


  • Angiogenic Biomarkers in PD Dementia: Clinical-Biochemical-Pathological Correlations


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