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Funded Studies

Paul Feinstein, PhD

Professor at Hunter College, CUNY

Chief Scientific Officer at Yesse Technologies, Inc.

Location: New York, NY United States

Professor Paul Feinstein is chief science officer and co-founder of Yesse Technologies, Inc. Prof. Feinstein is a world expert in the molecular biology of the sense of smell, whose outstanding record of high-quality publications in olfaction spans four decades. These breakthrough concepts that still predominate the field olfactory wiring were published in two back-to-back, 2004 papers in the premier scientific journal, Cell.

As a principal investigator at Hunter College, CUNY for nearly a decade, he continues to characterize the role of odorant receptors in these processes as well as the transcriptional regulation of singular gene choice. He is currently one of a few scientists in the world that directly manipulate odorant receptor gene expression in order to understand odorant coding. Prof. Feinstein received his graduate degree from Columbia University and his post-doctoral training at The Rockefeller University. 

Associated Grants

  • Developing Biosignatures for Parkinson's Disease Using Sense of Smell (Supplement)


  • Developing Biosignatures of Parkinson's Disease Using Sense of Smell Supplement


  • Developing Biosignatures of Parkinson's Disease Using Sense of Smell


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