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Rasmus Jan Linser, PhD

Group Leader of Solid-state NMR at the Department for NMR-based Structural Biology at Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry

Location: Gottingen Germany

Following his chemistry undergraduate studies in Göttingen, Germany, Dr. Linser obtained a PhD in biophysics dedicated to the development of new methods for solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy (technique that studies physical and chemical properties of molecules) with Professor Dr. Bernd Reif at the Leibniz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology in Berlin, Germany. He then performed post-doctoral work as an independent researcher with an Australian Research Council "Discovery Early Career Researcher Award," affiliated both with the University of New South Wales in Sydney and Harvard Medical School, working on a broad range of biological solution and solid-state NMR. Dr. Linser returned to Göttingen in 2014, where he is now leading the solid-state NMR group of the MPI for biophysical chemistry.

Associated Grants

  • Study of Drug Binding Sites in Alpha-synuclein Fibrils


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